CAR and NAR Honorary Membership


Requirements for C.A.R Honorary Member for Life:

  • Served the Association for a minimum of twenty-five (25) years
  • Seventy-five (75) years of age or older
  • Must be a REALTOR® or REALTOR® ASSOCIATE member of the Association shall be eligible to be elected an Honorary Member for Life

Contact LBOR if you meet the requirements. LBOR will submit your application to C.A.R. Names of the qualified applicants are submitted for approval to C.A.R.'s Membership Committee, C.A.R.'s Executive Committee, and C.A.R.'s  Board of Directors. Those approved for Honorary Member for Life status will be waived for the coming year and will receive a congratulatory letter from the President and Executive Vice President of C.A.R.


Requirements for N.A.R. Emeritus:

  • Forty (40) years of REALTOR® or REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® (or both) membership.
  • Proof of one (1) year of service* at the National Association level.

* "Service" is defined as serving as an NAR officer, director, committee member, Federal Political Coordinator, Global Ambassador, or Global Coordinator to a country with which NAR holds a reciprocal agreement.

Contact LBOR if you meet the requirements.


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