Local Issues

The Laguna Board of REALTORS® is involved with these local City of Laguna Beach Issues:


The Historic Preservation Ordinance

The Laguna Beach City Council meet to vote on a revised draft to the Historic Preservation Ordinance on July 14th. The vote did go in favor of the new ordinance 4-1.

The Directors want to thank our City Council members, City Staff and the volunteers who have worked over the past 4+ years to reshape the Historic Preservation Ordinance into a vehicle that we believe will ensure Laguna Beach continues to be a vibrant, vital place to live. We believe the revised Ordinance establishes a balance between private property rights and encourages property owners to voluntarily preserve and restore their homes.


Click to review the Approved Ordinance-

The draft Ordinance and staff report can be found here (the Ordinance included as pages 9-32):



Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance


The Laguna Beach Planning Commission will receive an introduction regarding “proposed changes” to the Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance. The Planning Commission’s review of the “proposed changes” will then be continued to a future meeting where the Planning Commission will provide direction on a draft Ordinance for future Council consideration. The “proposed changes” reflect recent State mandates and public input provided. The proposed amendment is intended to bring the City’s Zoning Ordinance into compliance with State law, which was enacted on January 1, 2017. The intent of the new legislation (SB 1069 and AB 2299) is to address California’s housing shortage by making it easier to develop ADUs, which are believed to provide affordable housing options for family members, students, the elderly, in-home health care providers, the disabled, and other vulnerable populations at or below market prices within existing neighborhoods. The law also addresses development barriers related to parking requirements, waiver of water and sewage connection fees, and exceptions for fire sprinkler requirements. The proposed amendment will also address other development restrictions currently proposed in the City’s existing Ordinance. Some of comments received at the community workshop included support for the creation of affordable second unit housing opportunities for senior citizens, the local workforce, in-home care providers and for younger generations who moved away from their families due to affordability constraints in Laguna. Staff was also asked to research what constitutes affordability as compared to current rental market conditions in Laguna, evaluate incorporation of State Law pertaining to Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (SB 2406), reducing the minimum lot size, increasing the maximum unit size, to clarify unit size maximums for conversion of existing garages to ADUs as permitted by State law, and legalization of nonconforming guest houses that were constructed prior to 1936.


For questions on the topic of Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance: Monique Alaniz-Flejter, AICP Associate Planner Community Development Department City of Laguna Beach (949)497-0744




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